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Power cable

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CRANKIN'POWER® is about Accessories
for Car Stereo Installations. For On-The-Go Installs!

You can hear and feel the Crankin'Power Difference!

Crankin'Cables® and
Crankin'Power® Accessories for the serious automobile stereo installation.


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WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)RCA Terminated Connection Cables.

WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)RCA Terminated Y Adaptors.

WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)EXTREME Series® Gold Plated Crankin'Power®    Connection Cables.

WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Crankin' Power Cables®
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)
Primary Wire

WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Speaker Cable, speaker wire.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)
Audio Adaptors and Connectors, 24karat Gold Plated.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Crimp Terminals, Solid Gold Plated.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Amplifier Hook-up Kits.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Fuse Blocks, Power Distribution Blocks.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Fuse Holders.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Stiffening Capacitors.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Speaker Terminals.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)CD and Cassette Accessories.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Noise Eliminators for automobile use.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Antenna Adaptors.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Specialty Accessories and Miscellaneous.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Crimp-type solderless terminals. Bulk for installers.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Battery Connectors and Posts.
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)Carpet, Speaker Box Cover.

The PFANSTIEHL Company [Under Construction]
   Welcome to the Pfanstiehl Company Web page. Pfanstiehl (as of December 2001) is a division of LKG Industries Inc. of Rockford, Illinois. (Press Release) Other divisions of LKG Industries include Philmore Manufacturing and the Datak Company.

Pfanstiehl is about phonograph needles and phonograph cartridges for that aging turn-table of yours. Need a replacement needle? See the resellers list and contact one of these fine companies via telephone. Be sure to have the make and model number of your old cartridge or needle so that they can supply you with an exact replacement.

        Further information about LKG Industries' other product groups and brand names may be seen at http://www.philmore-datak.com 

Contact Information

Dealers and Distributors may contact LKG Industries via email at LKGindustries@compuserve.com

Postal address ; you may send written inquires to: LKG Information and sales
                                                                                    3660 Publishers Drive
                                                                                  Rockford, Illinois  61125
Crankin' Power® Is a registered trademark of the Pfanstiehl division of LKG Industries, Inc. of Rockford, Illinois USA
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General Information: LKGindustries@compuserve.com
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